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In A World Of Human Wreckage [entries|friends|calendar]
Hate Me

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NEW JOURNAL! [02 Jun 2003|08:44pm]

it was about time for a new one. what the hell was i thinking "xeminem213x"? seriously now. haha so yeah my new journal is..


i cleared out my friends list completely so if you want to be added post a comment in my new journal.

<3 gina

thanks sarah :)
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fuuuuck im bored and hungry. [02 Jun 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | bored ]

title or description shizzam bitches.

so. how goes it? im mighty bored at the moment. i just got done hanging up more pictures on my walls. my goal is to just have no more wall space whatsoever.. well on my side of the room at least. today school was okay. language arts we read, math we went over stuff for the test tomorrow, science we took notes, geography we had a quiz, music we had a sub and watched a movie on the beatles, double period of language arts we read some more. theres only like 13? more days of school left. thats so crazy. hopefully ill pass everything.. eek. but yeah this year went by really fast. this summer is gona be kick ass. woot.

one month and three days. thats craaazy! pearl jam is just gona be SO. FUCKING. AWESOME. seriously im going to cry when eddie comes on stage. if youre a pearl jam fan do this- its crazy. when youre home alone, sit by your cd player and put on pearl jam "elderly women behind the counter in a small town" and right when eddie starts singing his voice is so amazing. you just zone out right away. yeah im not pearl jam fantizing. but seriously- FUCK YEA! A MONTH!!

ill kill you.

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yeeehaww! i love the distillers. yeah bitches. [01 Jun 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

im a girl im only 13 my body rots cause i wont fuckin eat im a silent star on a b-roll im a mirror fuckin image of no control give me the award i conquered food again what else is better in life than to purge my pain if i cut i wont look like that if i cut if i cut i wont feel like this shit..

well. now that im listening to the distillers. i love you. so its cool. today i went to the movies with ern and meliss. yeah. i look like shit. i think im gona dye my hairs purple again. but not for a little while cos my hairs are gona start falling out. but yeah im not going back to red im sticking with black or purple. yeah.

real world chicago is on. OI I LOVE THIS SEASON. but good god where is back to new york? thats my by far favorite season. yeah bitches. man im gay. and this entry is pretty pointless. leave me a comment before i run to your house, flip over your bed, paint your floor green, and steal your microwave. thanks.

humph i miss that little fella i used to call my crush.. oh well. suck it. its over and thats that, and im cool with that. blow me :)
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i feel like im stuck in stand by me [31 May 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

today was the worst ever. i cried the whole day i have no idea why. and my sisters a cunt and kicked me out of my OWN room. what the hell. and im breaking out and im getting fat again. and now im okay again, and what upsets me this most, is that i didnt have to do that now that i look back on today doing that AGAIN in a long time just made me weaker. im weak.

on with the rest of my day.. my mummy ordered some pizza for me her and valerie. yumm. i ate and then went over tits. it was the FUNNIEST. NIGHT. EVOR. well as it started it was. god i love erin more than life. shes fuckin crazy. yeah but i got a picture so im gona treasure that piece- CAT PISS. hahaha. yeah but anywho later on we met up with mike mac, keith, sam, mikeE, dan fams and thats all. alla us walked around in the rain and such. it was boring. but later on it started gettin fun so thats cool. umm yeah im happy cos well yeah someone. no. what.

but yeah. i feel real bad cos me erin and gab departed from britt and we were gona sleep over and britt had to be home at 10:30 and her mom saw us walkin around without her and this whole thing went down and i feel bad. oh well. sucks..

i keep coughing. MAKE IT STOP. im getting sick again. another bad cold is comming and thats never good. school is almost over thats so crazy. im so excited. finally the summer. and this summers gona be the best EVER. yeah it most def will be. last night me and nick talked forever. he was trying to tell me a 5 minute story and it took us literally an hour cos were us and were retarted. i love that kid. he looks sexy with his eyebrow pierced. woot. haha yea last night sucked to.

this weekend sucked. oh well. blow me. !!me & erin arent going to college. WERE GOING TO CAMDEN COUNTY BABY! home forever.. thats the way we like it. woot woot!!

i started to read the perks of being a wallflower again and this just hit me real hard again.. tear, tear Read more...Collapse )

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yea bitches [31 May 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Brody Armstrong

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